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A poor bathroom experience TRUMPS a great meal and a great location.

Consumers have been telling us this for years in survey after survery.

  1. BOMA’s (Building Owners and Managers Association) Annual Office Tenant survey has listed “the appearance of bathroom floors (grout)” as the greatest concern regarding anything that can go wrong in an office building.
  2. Hotel Secret Shopper studies list the appearance of the guest bathroom floor as the leading determinant as to whether a guest returns to that same hotel in the future.

MARBLELIFE shares the experience with our trainees of Going out with our spouse and having a wonderful meal. We stop by the facilities before returning to our car, and before we get in our spouse says, “We are never coming back here again!” Without saying a word more we know what happened and have added this restaurant to our list of never-to-be-visited establishments.

Bathroom cleanliness matters. You already know this and may be struggling with a floor that is no longer
“CLEANABLE.” This is a frustration we can resolve in less than 8 hours.

Our images may look like clean-and-wax BUT this is SO MUCH More. MARBLELIFE ColorSEAL and TilelLOK treatments marries 2 independent breakthrough for which we have 15 years and 8 years of field experience that allow us to restore CLEANability and makes cleaning faster and disinfection for efficient.

That said, often the problem isn’t the failure to clean, but rather the fact that through the use of an inappropriate or overly aggressive cleaner we have destroyed the grout’s seal, and now every time we clean we make matters worse, as we are transferring dirt from on top of the tile to the grout lines where it is being absorbed by the now unsealed grout. No amount of cleaning will correct this situation, until the situation is PROPERLY corrected.

This means cleaning it, but then resealing it to keep dirt, oil and bacteria on the surface, and then avoiding a re-occurrence. Problem is traditional sealers have already failed us once. We need an acid resistant sealer.

MARBLELIFE COLORSEAL Resolves this problem.
MARBLELIFE Colorseal is a colorize able acid resistant sealer that once installed restores a new, uniform color, seal that is resistant to acid attack making it easy to clean, disinfect and maintain. Installation takes less than 8 hours with dramatic effect.

Once ColorSEALed, the tile surface can be MARBLELIFE TilelOKed to re-glaze worn ceramic to provide a clean glossy durable appearance with anti-mold, anti-slip and anti-graffiti performance.

MARBLELIFE has offices throughout North America plus Grand Cayman, Dubai and Johannesburg. As such we can handle an individual building or a national chain or extended building portfolio with a consistent system.

Contact us for your free estimate
Call 888-218-4616 to locate your nearest MARBLELIFE® office.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to CARE ACT and the fact that MARBLELIFE COLORSEAL and TILELOK services facilitate the cleaning and disinfection of floors and these services can be employed as part of your RE-START requirements to meet elevated consumer demand for building hygiene service demand is high. Be sure to reserve your service request as soon as possible. We recommend using an estimate of ($3 / sqft) for ColorSeal and ($3 /sqft) for MARBLELIFE TileLOK

DEMAND is understandably high, so all to reserve your service position.

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